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February 22, 2009

Time Magazine: The Tigers’ Last Days
Most people detained in the welfare centers had no intention of becoming refugees. They all have their documents, families willing to take them in and the means to support themselves…”We told all these things to the army commander,” says a detainee, who also describes losing count of the number of letters he has written asking to be released…”I feel like I’m going crazy,” says another detainee. “I want to tell people that we are being kept without any reason.”

The Star: Sri Lankan loyalties in flux
“This is the model the government holds up as a model for the north, but I don’t know anyone who would agree with that,” said a Western diplomat based in Colombo. “You won’t find people to say one word to you about it because here, one word can get you shot.” The contractors’ two sons escaped the gunmen who had murdered their family, but the following day, one son went to police to help identify the murderers. Three hours later, that son was murdered, said the UN official, who declined to speak publicly for fear of being assassinated himself. The UN officer, who said no one has been arrested in connection with the murders, asked that the dead family not be identified because their surviving son would surely be pursued.

Associated Press: UN official: Prevent Sri Lanka civilian casualties
The United Nations’ top humanitarian official is urging the Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tiger rebels to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties amid heavy fighting in the country’s civil war.

Associated Press: Fighting rages in Sri Lanka

This Is London: London Tamil burns himself to death at UN
A TAMIL man from London burned himself to death outside the United Nations building in Geneva in protest at his people’s treatment in Sri Lanka.

Time : A Surprise Attack by Sri Lanka’s Tigers

The Sri Lankan Army announced with some fanfare two weeks ago that it had destroyed the last air strip used by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), its adversary in a 25-year-long conflict that appears to be coming to an end. However, the Tigers made it clear tonight, with an air attack punching into the heart of the capital, that it’s not over yet.

The Hindu : A show of solidarity for Sri Lankan Tamils

 The DMK youth wing on Saturday formed a human chain in the district headquarters across the State urging both the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE to lay down arms and return to the negotiation table to find a political solution to the ethnic crisis.

Sunday Times : Somersault: India calls for Govt-LTTE talks

In a sudden shift of policy, India yesterday appealed to the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE to hold talks and come to a peaceful settlement.

Acting Prime Minister Pranab Mukherjee said there was no military solution to the Sri Lankan crisis and a political solution must be found.

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