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U.S Senate inquest hears horrors facing Tamil Civilians in Sri Lanka

February 26, 2009

The U.S Committee of Foreign Affairs, investigating claims of humanitarian violations in Sri Lanka’s ongoing civil war, has been told by a senior member of Human Rights Watch that military forces are deliberately targeting designated “Safe Zones”, established by the government to protect refugees caught in the crossfire.

“We received several detailed accounts from people who stayed within the safe zone, and these accounts suggest that the shelling by Sri Lankan forces killed dozens if not hundreds of people inside there”.

Anna Neistat, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch


The Senate inquest also heard statements by Jeffrey Lunstead, a former U.S ambassador to Sri Lanka, who described the government’s role in kidnapping Tamil civilians across the country:

“Many Tamils have been abducted and have simply disappeared. It is sad to say that it is almost a certainty that these attacks have been carried out by elements of the government. Impunity seems total. Nobody has been prosecuted for any of these incidents”.

Jeffrey Lunstead, a former U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka

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