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  1. March 16, 2009 2:49 pm

    I’ve been fighting a online war with this American guy for over a year. His latest post is the same as his past efforts at covering for Sinhalese chauvinism

    If any Tamils could challenge his nauseating ‘even handedness’ I’d appreciate it as this is a well respected left blog and this guy only posts there usually to infect the site with his take on Tamil Eelam

  2. Supporter permalink
    March 16, 2009 7:18 pm

    hi everyone!
    after watching this video plz go to this site
    to show your support and thanks to the SBS for broadcasting this issue. So far more than 400 comments have been made within 24 hours.
    Plz show your support

  3. March 18, 2009 1:38 am

    Hi Dave. The biggest purveyor of Sinhalese chauvinism– which does exist BTW– is the only viable “Marxist” party on the island, the JVP.

    What exactly is your qualification for objecting to my perspective? Ever been to Sri Lanka? Talked to Tamils who were too poor to leave the country?

    I’m not just theorizing– I spent years on the ground in Sri Lanka, in some cases behind the lines, researching and interviewing. I’ve seen too much to be content with the party line of either combatant. And I’ve been told by the LTTE that criticism is okay as long as I’m even-handed. As you yourself admit, I’m certainly that.

  4. May 7, 2009 12:48 am

    ‘WAGING Racist War’Reported by Sonali Wickrematunge. She & Mr.Lasantha are one can be proud of! Knowing that their life is in danger they Proved to the WORLD what real MEDIA should be! Atleast U.S,U.K.Gov’s should realize Now that it’s GoSL that is Killing/Raping Women & Children! A Sinhalese by birth Sonali’s report against the GoSL’s attrocities against Humanity ,Should’t Go Unpunished! The UN with the help of U.S.& U.K.Should carry out the charges of genocide against GoSL(Rajapakse Brothers & Sarath Fonseka).First of all they should send in the NATO,UN FORCES Immediately? In Kosovo 3000people died when the forces were sent? But in S.L.Death has reached 7500 & Continuing BY THE Minute. NATO should arrest the L.t.t.e for their part of THE Killings! Whoever they are, It Should be PROVED to EVERYBODY that nobody is above LAW !!!

  5. May 28, 2009 5:32 am

    LordBudha was a born Hindu!So, the Sinhala people before Budha were Hindu’s aswell! He wanted to know why people Die at old age? Why people die of illness?Why there are poor peasants? He left his Princeship to attain nivana(meet God)!Budhism became famous after Lord Budha!King Asoka spread it around the World after The War in Kalinga, where he had killed nearly 100,000 people(hypocritically)!It over took Hinduism,&the Hindhu kings were worried that hinduism will become extinct in india so ,they crushed it!Budhist temples were converted to Vishnu temples!In SriLanka innitially Bhanna (prayers) were said in Tamil!Because it was a new religion followed by Hindus!Later the Budhist Monks created Sinhala language from Ancient language called ‘Paalie’.They wanted to have their own language,without the Tamil influance!Tamil language also came from Paali.We have so many common words Between us!Malayalam & Sinhala were found around the same time.They have similar letters too!Later the Budhist monks started destroying evidance that Large number of Hindu’s had already got converted to Budhism. & The Tamils Have Become Minorities in their own country!It has to be mentioned that Sangamithrai a Hindu Princess who became Budhist.& Prince Vijaya who landed in SL with 700 of his men landed in the South.While there was a Tamil King living with his clan in the North(Killinochi,VanniArea’s).So,Why War between two Hindu Brothers? Sadly the Current Budhist Priests do not follow Budhism the way Lord Budha taught!It is a Peacefull religion!Sadly Only in SL Monks are allowed to Dictate Politics!Wanting to get Majority Votes even the consecutive GoSL has allowed Monks to influance in Politics!

  6. June 9, 2009 8:35 am

    “WE accept that the chemicalweapons we used on LTTE ,were given by China. Which had a chemical which would cause drowsiness!(sleepiness)!{Well, they fired Syanide shells which Killed lot of our Soldiers Too!}We fired into the Tiger Area.Then they were all fast asleep when we captured Piraba(Asleep)too!We took him to Colombo& Tortured him to DEATH!Then to cover up all this!We had to bring him back & Create all the Cock & Bull Stories!Karuna Knowing Did his Part Genuinely!Good Actor!Must give credit to the coward hiding behind our soldiers!” This was stated by a SLA Soldier in SL to his Brother who lives abroad! Who proud of his SLA Brothers mentioned to a Media Friend! O.K. Now you got rid of Ltte!Poor IDP’s Treat them well? Without being the cause for an uppraising abroad? Be honest all they want is for the innocent caught in the cross fire to be treated as normal Human beings? Not as 1st Class as Mahinda wanted to upgrade his Clan travelling Abroad? & By refusing the Head of “Srilankan” was refused WorkPermit? Is there another country ARROGENT & Disrespectfull as This? I am Proud to refuse entry to a Britishman to Enter SL!But my FM would beg the foreign countries to Give a sign to the Tourist to Let them come into SL? Even Though The IDP’s would have 200g of rice per day & Also at 3p.m.Where the Elderly & Kids who rush to get food Die being trampled in the “Hallaballoo”. What A Budhist Country to have Your ‘holiday Inn’ ? I am Proud to be a Budhist today ! If I was a Budhist Before Budha ? I Would Be a Hindu !!! ???

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