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Times Magazine writes of a shameful siege

April 10, 2009

Times : A shameful siege
On the brink of victory in war, Colombo is already losing the peace

“Compelling evidence has emerged in the past 48 hours of Sri Lankan shelling of Tamil health centres, with local reports of 20 deaths and confirmation by the Red Cross that one of its employees has been killed. Colombo has rejected all calls for a ceasefire…President Mahinda Rajapaksa therefore should heed this week’s protesters in Parliament Square and agree to an immediate ceasefire. His generals protest that the LTTE has used each preceding ceasefire to regroup. But the Tigers are already beaten and the issue is no longer the Tamil Tigers but the Tamil people. The choice now for Colombo is whether to make martyrs of its leaders and radicalise their followers further, or begin the long task of winning the peace.”

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