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UN’s John Holmes writes…

April 10, 2009

The Guardian, UK: Let them decide
“As London witnesses Tamil protests, a bloodbath on the beaches of northern Sri Lanka seems an increasingly real possibility…Beyond this we need an end to the conflict, and rapid political progress to tackle the underlying issues through the devolution of power and long-term accommodation and reconciliation. With thousands of lives in the balance and the clock ticking, the time for decisive action by the government, the LTTE and the international community is now, before it is too late.”

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  1. Shagare permalink
    April 12, 2009 2:52 am

    To all those who call the LTTE “terrorists” “reason why Tamils are struggling”. I’m sorry for your ignorance and your lack of knowledge on the issue.

    The LTTE were formed because the peaceful protests were not going ANYWHERE and people just got killed some more. The LTTE is not the REASON they are the RESULT!

    The LTTE also have the right to self-determination, since they reresent the Tamils in Sri Lanka. They have Land, distinct culture, religion and language, they have the ability to self-govern, they had the historical back-up( which I might add is constantly being challenged by the Sri Lankan government, therefore the burning of the Jaffna library so they cab hide the reality), and last but not leastt WE HAVE THE WILL!

    The only reason why the international community is not looking into these issues and PROOF, is because of the political agenda being laid out by these communities. If it was not for the OIL LANES that pass every so close to the Trincomalee harbour, which if the land was seperated, would fall into the Tamils hand, we would have our seperate land!

    I don’t understand, are our Tamil brothers and sisters not worth caring for. Is the international community willing to give up these lives just for the sake of “controlling the indian ocean”? I’m sick of this injustice and hypocracy. This is disgusting and I blame the international communities for their lack of intervention. Not just “Labeeling” the LTTE, cause this is a civil war right? So how can the SL government call the LTTE “terrorists”? They are an armed force and it is illegal in a state of war to label the other side Terrorists!

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