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British Tamil protesters enter fifth day of hunger strike, other rallies continue

April 11, 2009

Times: Tamil hunger strikers finally accept fluids at Parliament protest

AFP: Tamils call on Norway to act over SLanka conflict

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  1. Darlene permalink
    April 11, 2009 8:47 am

    2 srilankan young men are hunger striking till their last breath. This is very sad because them two men said: It`s not our lives that our important its the people, the children, the mothers over in srilanka who suffering THEIR life is important. Not ours.
    they are doing this for Tamils. The demands put forward by the two hunger strikers follow:

    1. Immediate and permanent ceasefire

    2. Food and medical aid should be allowed to reach the civilians immediately with international monitoring committees and allow “Mercy Mission to Vanni”

    3.UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, arrange to meet our representatives.

    4. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are our sole representatives and UK government should lift the ban on LTTE.

    5. UN should call for an immediate referendum to the Tamils regarding whether they want separate nation or to remain as Sri Lanka.

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