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Tamil protesters outside Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s House

April 13, 2009

Brisbane Times and SMH and AAP : Tamil protesters take to the streets of Kirribilli

ABC : Kirribilli protest as Tamil ceasefire declared

ABC : Tamil protesters target Kirribilli

AAP : Tamils protest outside PM’s Sydney home

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  1. fastuntoactionaust permalink
    April 13, 2009 2:59 am

    Australian Tamil Protesters Outside Kirribilli House;

    1500 Protest Sri Lankan Genocide

    Up to 1500 protesters have gathered outside Kirribilli House to urge the Government of Australia to use its diplomatic powers to pressure Sri Lanka into entering an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

    The spontaneous rally comes amid news that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces have moved forward making attempts to enter the “safe zone”, currently housing over 300,000 Tamil refugees displaced by the Sri Lankan government’s recent military campaigns.

    Despite announcing a 48 hour ceasefire which is to begin on Monday, reports from the war zone have reached the Tamil Diaspora within the last 24 hours indicating a sharp increase of suppressive fire from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces with thousands of shells bombing refugees languishing in open spaces and protected only by tents and temporary housing.

    “We received information that they have been bombing civilian refugee camps continuously since 5am today and hundreds have died already,” said Dr Sam Pari, a spokesperson for the Tamil community.

    The participants of the hunger strike that began at 5pm in Parramatta yesterday have also moved to Kirribilli. They have four demands which they want met through the actions of the Government of Australia, which has the ability to use its diplomatic powers to push the Government of Sri Lanka:

    1. to enter an immediate ceasefire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam;

    2. to immediately allow food, medicine and aid into the conflict zone;

    3. to allow vital services, including medical services into the conflict zone;

    4. and the international community to allow the Tamil people, both in the conflict zone and those indefinitely detained in concentration camps in government-held areas, to decide independently where they wish to reside.

    In the first three months of this year alone, over 3500 Tamil civilians have been killed and over 12,000 Tamil causalities resulted due to the Government of Sri Lanka’s bombing of hospitals and civilian targets both inside and outside its self declared safe zone. There is evidence of the Sri Lankan Army’s use of cluster bombs, white phosphorous and chemical weapons in these attacks. They have also banned medicine, aid and food from entering the conflict zone, effectively using starvation as a weapon of war. These breach international law and are war crimes.

    Yet the Sri Lankan conflict has not been discussed in the United Nations General Assembly or Security Council.

    Two British Tamil youth began a hunger strike in front of the British Parliament, which has now entered its seventh day.

    Internationally the Tamil Diaspora has taken to the streets to rally against Sri Lanka’s genocide of the Tamils in the island. Over 100,000 Tamils protested in the streets of London yesterday (Reuters, 11/04/09). Over 50 protests have been held to date nationwide in Australia.

    The Tamil Diaspora protesters have vowed to continue their activism until their demands of protection of the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka at met. Their most urgent demand is that of an immediate ceasefire to the conflict.

    The Tamil community in Australia call on the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to acknowledge their grievances and use his diplomatic powers to put an end to the genocide of the Tamils. World leaders cannot stay silent any longer. They must work together to act now and put an end to what may be another Rwanda in the making.

    Web-blog of protest –

    Media Contacts:

    Dr Sam Pari – 0433 428 967

    Mr Adrian Francis – 0420 522 099

    Mr Mohan Raja – 0407 749 024

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