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Kevin Rudd has been personally handed the 4 demand points of the Tamils

April 15, 2009

As Kevin Rudd was working out of Parliament House today, two of the Tamil protesters handed the list of demands to him personally.

Media have already been notified of this.

Will he still remain silent?

The AFP reports that even Britain has called the FS of Sri Lanka urging a ceasefire.

What has our prime minister done for us?

Also ATEL met with Maxine McCue today who in the process of passing on the demands to Foreign Minister Stephen Smith.

Maxine McCue has been a long standing supporter of the Tamil Community and thanked the Tamils when she won the seat of Bennalong from then Prime Minister John Howard.

Click here for PR –

Hunger Strikers Complete 90th Hour; Concerns Grow for Fellow Tamils;

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  1. fastuntoactionaust permalink
    April 15, 2009 5:15 pm

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on 15 April 2009 –

    Hunger Strikers Complete 90th Hour; Concerns Grow for Fellow Tamils;

    More Hunger Strikers Join Campaign

    Over 100 Australian Tamils joining the three young hunger strikers in Canberra have spent an uneasy night’s sleep as news from the conflict zone reaches the Tamil Diaspora of an awaiting Sri Lankan military offensive in an attempt to enter the ‘no fire safe zone’. Due to the Sri Lankan government’s prohibition of media into the region, information of the ground reality of a looming massacre of Tamil civilians in the zone by the Sri Lankan military has reached the Tamil Diaspora through phone calls and emails that have leaked out of the region.

    The members of the Tamil community state they are equally worried for the welfare of the three hunger strikers who this morning completed their 90th hour without water or food. “We have tried encouraging them to at least have sips of water, but they are determined that this may be the only way to catch the Australian government’s attention with the crisis escalating exponentially,” said Dharshan Guna, a friend of the hunger strikers. Doctors examining the boys have warned of low blood sugar levels and signs of severe dehydration. “These boys keep telling us that their hunger striking is a non-violent peaceful means of protesting; something spear-headed by Gandhi,” he added.

    “We are grateful for the coverage the media has given us and the support the public has showered upon us,” said Dr Sam Pari, a spokesperson for the group. “However, we are disappointed of the Australian government’s response, and we hope the media and the public can help us urge them to act before a massacre of genocidal proportions takes place,” she added.

    At 9AM, three more hunger strikers from Melbourne joined the campaign to give weight to the issue. They began their protest at 2pm on Monday.

    Several families, including children and the elderly braved the cold and dampness as they slept overnight outside The Lodge in Canberra. “We slept huddled under blankets and now many have gone to relatives’ and volunteers’ houses nearby to have a shower and clean up,” said Vishna Siva, a student from Sydney. Earlier in the evening up to 500 demonstrators were present.

    Sutha, who has not heard in months from his mother who is now confined indefinitely in a Sri Lankan government-controlled detention camp and whose father lost a leg in a government bombing said, “My family and all the other Tamil civilians in NorthEast Sri Lanka are being bombed constantly. My concern is now for their safety and not my health.” “I hope our Prime Minister can see the humanity overflowing around me,” he said pointing to the more than 500 Tamils who are staying with the boys outside Mr. Rudd’s residence in Canberra.

    The fasting taking place outside the Prime Minister’s Canberra residence, is a desperate plea to the Australian government to use its diplomatic powers to push the Sri Lankan government on four demands :
    1. to enter an immediate and permanent ceasefire with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam;
    2. to immediately allow food, medicine and aid into the conflict zone;
    3. to allow vital services, including medical services into the conflict zone;
    4. allow the Tamil people, both in the conflict zone and those indefinitely detained in concentration camps in government-held areas, to decide independently where they wish to reside.

    The LTTE released a statement on Tuesday saying it was willing to enter into political dialogue and a permanent bi-lateral ceasefire. This has already been rejected by the Sri Lankan government.

    The Australian Tamils have conducted and will continue to conduct peaceful protests. Yet the Australian government continues to ignore the Sri Lankan State genocide taking place against the Tamils.

    Our three youth must not fall ill because of their determination to bring about peace for the Tamil people and end the killing of their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers.


    Media Contacts:

    Dr Sam Pari – 0433 428 967 Ms Geetha Mano – 0433 452 981

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