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Socialist Alliance and Green Left Weekly support Tamils

April 22, 2009

Socialist Alliance Tamil Solidarity Resources create a blog to support Tamil cause.

Green Left Weekly has given regular coverage to the Tamil cause:

Stop the genocide: Sri Lanka wages war on Tamil people
Editorial: The Tamils need support
Statement against war on Tamils initiated by World at the Crossroads participants:
Hunger strikes, rallies against genocide in Sri Lanka
AUSTRALIA Your silence pains us
The cost of exposing Sri Lanka’s murderous regime
Freedom and justice for Tamils!
Australian Tamil hunger strike against genocide
‘End the Tamil genocide!’
Sri Lanka: New report documents civilian massacres
Massive protests against anti-Tamil genocide
Sri Lanka: UN hides casualty figures to protect regime
Sri Lanka: European parliament calls for ceasefire
Sri Lankan Army commits daily massacres in ‘mass torture and genocide’
Sri Lankan crisis statement gaining support
EDITORIAL Proud to support Tamil self-determination
Sri Lanka’s war on Tamils: the unknown genocide
Sri Lanka: Timorese leader appeals for ceasefire

For more visit and search ‘Tamil’.

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