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The Guardian, UK reports of Tamil civilian plight

April 22, 2009

Tamil civilians slaughtered as army shells ‘no-fire zone’
…Horrific stories of limbs ripped off by shellfire and bodies buried where they fell are emerging, despite the government’s efforts to hide the scale of the killing by confining the injured to hospitals in a military area around the government-declared no-fire zone, from which the media are strictly excluded…The doctor said the accounts of the evacuees appeared to support previous claims from doctors in the no-fire zone that the shelling had not come from Tamil Tiger positions in the zone…

Civilians held in Sri Lanka camps face disease threat
Thousands of civilians fleeing fighting in Sri Lanka have been interned by the government in cramped, makeshift camps with overflowing drains, water shortages and the threat of disease looming large in the sweltering, unsanitary conditions. The government allowed a small group of international journalists into Menik Farm camp, which is regarded by aid agencies as by far the best-equipped of the camps. But even here, people complain bitterly about their treatment and the lack of freedom of movement.

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