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Update from War Without Witness –

April 22, 2009


Click here to read recent report published by ‘War Without Witness’

20th Apr 2009 Video Evidence :

Hundreds of Tamil Civilians slaughtered in the so called ‘safe-zone’ by Sri Lankan Army while UN and World Watches

20th April 2009 , Eye Witness Account :

SL Army use Chemical weapons, Cluster ammunitions and Phosphorous bombs, took more than 1000 Tamils as Hostages

20th April 2009 :

Inside so-called Safe Zone



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  1. fastuntoactionaust permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:35 pm

    Innocent Tamil Civilians Killed by Sri Lankan Armed Forces in 1st Jan 2009 to 23rd Mar 2009 – Evidences Documented by WWW

    The objective of this report is to document the perilous situation of civilians due to the Sri Lankan Government’s indiscriminate bombardment on the civilian settlements and so called ‘safety zones’ in northern part of Sri Lanka. The “War Without Witness” try to gather as much as first hand verified information in this report and it fears that the situation may be far worse than what we realise due to lack of communication, threat posed to journalists & human rights activists and the facilities exist on the ground. Since the Government of Sri Lanka has banned access for all the Independent monitors, Humanitarian Workers including UN and the media, the combat zone is being isolated from the out side world and a war is waged by the Government of Sri Lanka without witness.

    > The Sri Lankan Government established so called “Safe Zones” in Vanni for the civilians to move in for their security. The so called safe zone has subsequently been subjected to bombardment leading to civilian casualties. Photographic and Video evidences of the indiscriminate bombardment on the “Safe Zone” by the Sri Lankan Government Armed Forces and its consequences are documented by ‘War Without Witness’ in Annex 01 and
    o Photos:
    o Videos:

    > The UN internal documentations confirm 9,924 civilian casualties in Sri Lanka, including 2,683 killings and 7,241 injuries during the period 20 January to 07 March 2009 (Annex 02).

    > “War Without Witness” estimate based on firsthand information obtained from Government Hospital authorities, Police and Judiciary sources in Vanni and Sri Lanka, The North East Secretariat of Human Rights, Aid workers and credible media outlets confirms more than 3,546 innocent Tamils being killed and more than 8,370 being injured by Sri Lankan Armed Forces since 1st January 2009. Total causality for the period 1st Jan 2009 to 23rd March 2009 is more than 11,916 or 148 per day. ( Annex 03 )

    > Sri Lankan Government has banned access for all humanitarian workers including UN, independent monitors and the media to Vanni, Sri Lanka since September 2008. Consequently, “War Without Witness” is carrying out a primary data gathering exercise amongst exiled Tamil Diaspora and has collected photos and details of some of those Victims. (Report1: Sri Lankan Government’s War Without Witness Victims – Killed (with Photos))

    >According to the verified information available to “War Without Witness” it is alarming to note that vast number of Children are victims to the indiscriminate bombardment by Sri Lankan Government Forces.
    (Report2: Sri Lankan Government’s War Without Witness Children Victims Killed & Injured (Name List))

    >“War Without Witness” will continue to update this report and if you have any evidences, photos & details please email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Executive Director / War Without Witness

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