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Australian Tamils to Rally in North Sydney

April 23, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on 23 April 2009 5:00AM –


Australian Tamils to Rally in North Sydney


An initiative organised overnight will see several hundred Australian Tamils rally from 12.30PM onwards in North Sydney urging Mr Joe Hockey, Member for North Sydney, to take the concerns of his constituents to the Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.


On 22 April, over 600 Australian Tamil constituents converged outside Ms Julie Owens office to voice their frustration at the lack of action by the Australian Labour Government in preventing thousands of Tamil civilians from being killed by the Sri Lankan Military.


The Tamil Diaspora have received information from the conflict zone that over 4000 Tamil civilians had been killed in a space of 48 hours due to Sri  Lankan Military offensives in the so-called ‘no fire safe zone’.


Several grass-roots initiatives have been organised by the Australian Tamil community, including a week long hunger strike which ended last Friday.


Sources from the conflict zone have informed the Tamil Diaspora that the Sri Lankan Military had used cluster bombs and heavy artillery in its attempt to enter the ‘no-fire safe zone’ where over 300,000 Tamil civilians are currently taking refuge. The only medical facility – a makeshift hospital – had also been bombed.

 For images from the conflict zone visit

Media Contacts:               

Offsite: Dr Sam Pari – 0433 428 967

Onsite: Mrs Anu Prakash – 0431 236 225

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