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URGENT APPEAL – Offensive into the ‘safe zone’ in SRI LANKA expected in next 4-6 hours

April 27, 2009

Dear Friends,
Please see an URGENT APPEAL from the people of the ‘safe zone’ sent to us in the last hour. The PDF is attached and the same text is available below:

President Barack Obama (USA)
President Dmitry Medvedev (Russia)
President Hu Jintao (China)
President Nicolas Sarkozy (France)
Prime Minister Gordon Brown (UK)
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh (India)
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (UN)

26 April 2009

An Open Letter to the Members of the Security Council, the United Nations and the International Community: 

You are our only hope. 

On behalf of over 160,000 civilians still in the area, we are making this final appeal to the the international community to stop the slaughter of Tamil civilians in the so-called ‘safe zone’. 

As we write this appeal there is a build up of Sri Lanka Armed Forces in the areas surrounding the so-called ‘safe zone’ and an offensive via land, sea, and air is only a few hours away.

On Sunday 26 April, the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed the Valiaganmadam village, the only village with sea access, 39 times and on Saturday 25 April there were at least 25 attacks which killed and injured hundreds.

Based on their previous experiences over the past three months TRO officials in the ‘safe zone’ have predicted that if the expected offensive goes forward there will be more than 10,000 casualties as the area is densely populated and there is no cover from bombs, shells, and bullets.

The UN, US, India, EU, UK, Russia and China must all put pressure on the Government of Sri Lanka to immediately stop all military attacks and enter into an immediate, UN monitored cease fire.

Laurence Christy
Head of Field Office
ʻsafe zoneʼ
Mullivaikal, Mullaitivu

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), a national NGO, is the only NGO still operating in the so-called ‘safe zone’ on the East coast of Sri Lanka.

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