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Australia sends $4.5m of taxpayers money to Sri Lanka

April 29, 2009

An article in today’s SMH says – Australia boosts Sri Lanka aid by $4.5m

Which organisations assisting displaced persons will receive the millions? How much of this will fall in the Sri Lanka government’s hands?

Australian Foreign Minister, Mr Stephen Smith stated that a further $4.5 million worth of financial assistance would be given to Sri Lanka with the bulk of it going to organisations associated with assisting displaced persons. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organisation for Migration would get $1.5 million each, the Red Cross would get $1 million and an Australian-based NGO would get $0.5 million.

However, for some-time now Tamils in Australia and elsewhere have heard stories of systematic rapes within the so called ‘welfare-camps’ the government has locked Tamils up in.

We have pleaded for these atrocities being done to our people to be heard. But these allegations have been dismissed as “Tamil Tiger propaganda”.

Finally an article has appeared in a US publication Talking Points Memo (TPM) saying the

Sri Lankan Army is Systematically Raping Women Fleeing from War Zone

As well as this Times online has published an article which says

British aid for war refugees may be used to fund ‘concentration camps’

The Australian government must take accountability for its actions in Sri Lanka. $4.5m of taxpayers money is being sent to put Tamils in concentration-camps and rape our women. Why is the UN supporting this? Why is Australia supporting this?

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