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Doctor in no fire zone claims SL army continues use of heavy weaponry

April 29, 2009

28 April 2009

Dear Sir / Madam,

Heavy fight started early morning.

ICRC Ship arrived at around 7 am. But even then battle continued. Multi-barrel, Cluster and Artillery fired sound heard. People went to banker but many did not have bunker. Closer to the war area people displaced towards Mullivaikkal South area.

After 11 am there was no shell attack but there was Arial attack between Mullivaikkal and Iraddayvaikkal near the sea side.

Today 204 injured civilians admitted to hospital among 29 died.

ICRC ship brought 30 MT foods with rice, oil, and sugar. Tomorrow and day after tomorrow also 30 MT foods will come. This total 60 MT can be distributed to 165,000 people the following way.

Rice 500 gram.

Oil 20 gram.

Sugar 20 gram.

So people need further foods supply very quickly,

Regional Director of Healthy Services
Kilinochchi (Now at no fire zone)

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