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Geopolitics : Where are we heading with all this and do we want to be lead there?

May 6, 2009

This analysis was sent to us by one of our readers – someone who is constantly sending us articles – youtube links –  ideas – thoughts – feedback –  fears and  hopes.   We thank you for your continued support. 

Geopolitics: Where are we heading with all this and do we want to be lead there?
1. China building harbour in south of sri lanka (sinhalese area in President’s home town), reducing the reliance on the natural harbour Trincomalee in the East (Tamil area).

Times Online – Chinese billions in Sri Lanka fund battle against Tamil Tigers

2. Sri Lanka millitary is being funded and aided by:

China –  Pakistan – India

Some assitance was provided by The US who exited early on with the idea that India would be able to help with this matter.

Supplies have also been sent from Israel and there is a pending grant from Libya

Basically anyone who puts their hand up as a facilitator of this war is embraced indiscriminately by the Sri Lankan government.

Tehelka – On The Last Spoor Of The Tiger
“Sri Lanka has received military support from China, Pakistan, and India. India, which had a score to settle with the LTTE for its involvement in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, provided crucial intelligence inputs, radars and weapons. It is also believed that the Sri Lankan Navy was able to destroy seven LTTE ships due to Indian intelligence inputs. The Indian Navy and the Coast Guard have also sealed the entire Indian coast to block LTTE supply routes from Tamil Nadu.”  

Indian Express –  ‘India, Pak rivals but they trained, helped us fight Tigers’ by Muzamil Jaleel a Kashmiri journalist  -Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009  


This program – Terror on the Tamils –  brings this issue of training by Pakistan etc. because the Kashmiri presenters have a special insight due to their own experiences, and the statement at the end is very telling: 

They suggest that the world is watching and waiting to see if Sri Lanka succeeds because if they do – these other countries are waiting to proceed in a similar manner.
In the North of the subcontinent:

3rd May 2009 Refugees on a wild frontier between army and Taliban

Islamabad’s war with its militants is destroying lives and dislocating communities, as civilians flee in rising numbers.

A flood of refugees spills down from the hills and on to the plains at the edge of war-torn Buner district, bringing tales of bloodshed and destruction. Many are angry at the Pakistani army which, they say, has shelled homes and mistakenly killed civilians.
 So where does Australia stand in all of this?

Australia is silent about Sri Lanka.  Not willing to risk offending china by showing its support for the moves made against Sri Lanka by US, Britain and the EU (calls to block IMF loan etc.). 

Yet there have been statements made in the discussion of the defence whitepaper about the rise of India and China and the need for Australia to increase its millitary power. 

Back in 2008 there was a question on New Matilda -Defence! A Light Opera in Three Inexpensive Acts about Former Labor MP Stephen Loosley  being on the board of  ‘Thales Australia’ a weapons manufacturer.

According to Prime Minster Rudd –  we are in recession and not able to meet the emissions target.  Yet spending on defence has to increase to keep up with this potential threat.
So if rich countries like australia are in recession during the globl financial crisis how are we going to feed the hungry children in the world this year?  How much will it cost us? The answer may be found here:
Sean Penn Financial Crisis PSA

and maybe here: The Huffington Post – Drew Barrymore, Nutrition, and 25 Cents a Day

And again with limited funds how important is all this talk about emissions targets for a third world country at war like sri lanka?

Again we may find some answers here: IPS –  SRI LANKA:  Climate Change Worse Than Civil War – UN Expert By Feizal Samath

As the world prepares for yet another ‘scary’ report by the United Nations panel on global warming and climate change, a Sri Lankan specialist in the group says Tamil rebels and government troops are actually fighting over land due to be submerged as sea-levels rise. 

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