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Australia sends more aid money to Sri Lanka

May 8, 2009

While Prime Minister Rudd maintains his silence about the Sri Lankan government’s massacre of the ‘Tamil civilians’ in the name of ‘War on Terror’, he continues to pour aid into the country.

Is this the solution?

You tell us.

Click here to read the Australian government’s latest act of charity for the ‘displaced civilians’

Click here to listen to ABC interview of an Australian professor who says the IMF loan to SL will not reach Tamils, just as tsunami aid did not reach Tamils

Click here to read about hardships the Tamil civilians being imprisoned by the Sri Lankan government are forced to endure including evidence of sexual abuse

Click here to read about Tamil women being raped by the Sri Lankan army

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  1. fastuntoactionaust permalink
    May 8, 2009 5:06 pm

    AA 29-09
    8 May 2009


    Following the launch on Monday 4 May of an urgent United Nations appeal for emergency international assistance, Australia will provide a further $10 million in humanitarian assistance to meet the critical needs of civilians adversely affected by the conflict in northern Sri Lanka, particularly those in displaced peoples camps or near the conflict zone.

    Australia’s contribution will be aimed at key areas for assistance including water, sanitation, shelter, food and health care. It will be provided through United Nations agencies, including UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP) and Australian NGOs.

    The $10 million will include $4 million for UNICEF, $2.5 million for the WFP, $1.5 million to other UN agencies and $2 million for Australian NGOs.
    A number of Australian Non Government Organisations are operating in Sri Lanka. The distribution of the $2 million to Australian NGOs will be determined and announced in the near future.

    This contribution brings Australia’s total funding to assist the victims of the conflict in Sri Lanka to $23.5 million since December 2008.

    Australia continues to hold grave concerns for the civilians still trapped in the conflict zone and the welfare of nearly 200,000 civilians who have been displaced by the fighting and are now living in displaced peoples camps.

    These camps should be administered in line with international humanitarian standards and the process of evacuation from the conflict zone and the administration of the camps should also be open to monitoring by International Committee of the Red Cross and UN officials.

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