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HRW – 30 Attacks Reported on Medical Facilities Since December

May 9, 2009

HRW – Sri Lanka: Repeated Shelling of Hospitals Evidence of War Crimes

Information compiled by Human Rights Watch from interviews with aid agencies and witnesses
Date Hospital Description
12/15/08 Mullaitivu General Hospital Shelling: 2 patients injured, damage to ward and medical equipment.
12/19/08 Mullaitivu General Hospital 11:30 a.m. Five shells hit hospital causing damage to wards, operating theater, and the Medical Superintendent’s HQ: 2 staff wounded.
12/20/08 Mullaitivu General Hospital Shells hit inside hospital grounds.
12/22/08 Kilinochchi General Hospital 6:20 a.m. Aerial bombing hit near hospital, causing shrapnel damage. No injuries reported.
12/25/08 Kilinochchi General Hospital Shells hit hospital grounds, narrowly missing staff. Damage to newborn nursing section, outpatient department, and reception.
12/30/08 Kilinochchi General Hospital 4 p.m. Shells hit hospital causing damage to the building. No injuries reported.
01/08/09 Tharmapuram Hospital 1:20 p.m. Shells hit Tharmapuram Junction 75 m from the hospital, killing 7.
01/13/09 PTK Hospital 10 a.m. Hospital hit by shells: 1 killed, 6 wounded.  Patients fled to the wards to seek shelter from the shelling.
01/19/09 Vallipuram Hospital Shell landed in hospital yard: 6 people in out-patient ward injured
01/21/09 Vallipuram Hospital 7 p.m. One shell hit hospital
01/22/09 Vallipuram Hospital Morning. Shells hit hospital compound: killing 5 and injuring 22.
01/26/09 UDK Hospital Shells hit hospital: 12 killed, 40 injured.
01/31/09 PTK Hospital Shrapnel from shells hit hospital.
02/01/09 PTK Hospital Three attacks. First attack: 1 person injured by shrapnel inside the hospital. Second attack:1 shell hit the hospital: 1 killed, 4 injured. Third attack: 1 shell hit the women and children ward (no casualty information).
02/02/09 PTK Hospital One shell hit hospital: 7 killed, including a nurse, 15 injured.
02/03/09 PTK Hospital Two attacks – operation ward, staff headquarters, and female ward hit. At least 2 killed and several injured,
02/05/09 Ponnampalam Memorial Hospital Shelling : 60 casualties inside and outside the hospital.
02/09/09 Putumattalan hospital (make-shift hospital for PTK) Around 10 p.m., one shell struck about 10 meters east of the hospital compound. No casualties, but the compound wall was damaged by shrapnel.
02/10/09 Putumattalan Shelling: 16 people killed.
03/16/09 Putumattalan hospital Around 11 a.m. an RPG struck inside the compound, killing two people.
03/23/09 Putumattalan hospital An RPG hit in front of the hospital; at least one killed (a child); two shells hit close to the hospital, injuring at least 15.
04/09/09 Putumattalan hospital and Putumattalan mother and child center Several shelling attacks; 22 killed and at least 300 injured.
04/20/09 Putumattalan hospital Heavy shelling and gunfire attacks during the night; hundreds of civilians injured and at least 13  killed; 2 medical staff sustained gunshot wounds; hospital roof and surgery ward destroyed.
04/21/09 Valayanmadam make-shift hospital Aerial attack; 4 or 5 killed; more than 30 wounded; one doctor killed.
04/23/09 Mullivaikkal hospital Three shells hit the hospital; no information on killed/wounded.
04/28/09 Mullivaikkal Primary Health Center Heavy shelling and aerial attacks; at least 6 killed (previously injured patients receiving treatment); 1 member of medical staff injured.
04/29/09 Mullivaikkal Primary Health Center One shell; 6 patients  killed.
04/29/09 Mullivaikkal Hospital Shelling; roof of one of the wards significantly damaged; at least 9 killed and 15 injured.
04/30/09 Mullivaikkal Hospital Shelling: 9 killed, 15 injured.
05/02/09 Mullivaikkal Hospital Shelling: two attacks, at 9 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.; 68 killed, 87 injured, including medical staff.

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