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Latest report and images from Vanni Sri Lanka 6th May

May 9, 2009







Thursday 6th May 2009  In the last 48 hrs 162 people were killed by the SL army in their continuing genocide of the tamils.

Today’s attack has put the people in the “no fire zone” in great difficulties. Because of the continuous attack people in bunkers are unable to carry out their normal bodily functions. In the last two days SL airforce droppede bombs as well as white phosphorus bombs and multibarrel rocket attacks were carried out as well as chemical bombs being used. As a result 162 ordinary poor folk were killed.

On Wednesday in Mullivaikal from 11.25 to 12.15 heavy aerial bombs were dropped continuously like rain. In this attack 84 were maimed , burnt and killed and 37 more were badly injured.

14 people were burnt to death as the hid under a bus which was hit by a phosphorus bomb.

Because of the rain in Vanni people are unable to hide in the bunkers along the beach and those who do are liable to get water borne infectious diseases.

People who existed on one kanji ( rice soup) a day are now existing on water and paddy husk powder. Some are picking the tiny rice grains from the rice hush and eating them. Some are forced to eating the young shoots of coconut and palmayrah plants.

In the coming days even this food may not be available. Diaspora Tamils please save these people from certain death due to starvation but help us to continue our struggle.

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