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Channel 4 reporter talks about the camps

May 11, 2009

Channel 4 – Blog: Crossing the line in Sri Lanka

“There is a reason why the government is so extraordinarily sensitive about this topic, bar the usual protectiveness of a nation for its armed forces. They need western money to fund these IDP camps, places government officials openly accept are “technically” internment camps.

The government has spent a lot on the war and needs the UN to fund and manage this “resettlement” project, ostensibly the detention of up to 230,000 people for long enough to filter out any remaining militant sympathisers.

Claims about the camp’s impropreities, the squalor, children trampled under feet, sexual abuse, disappearances, refocus the attention of the international community back on whether these camps are ethically a good idea or even beneficial to the humanitarian problems at the end of this bitter war.

We saw, and in our case filmed, pictures of the hungry displaced, freshly arrived in the camps from the far worse hell of the no-fire zone”

LankaWeb – Channel 4 story is a Hoax

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