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VadduKoddai Resolution 1976

May 12, 2009

A British Tamil send this to us


Dear Friends!

Kindly look up this “VadduKoddai Resolution 1976resolution by clinking the link below and make your comments.

This was the final Political fight by means of Democratic process by the Tamils of (Ceylon) Sri Lanka.  This was passed in 1977 which ignited the 1977 riots by the then Sinhalese government and hence the arm Struggle.  Since then we have lost over 100,000 of lives but the world didn’t care about it instead looked after the refugees who fled from Tamil Home land.  Ater 32 years the next generation, our children who are all speaking and demonstraing fluently in English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and all other leading European languages as well as Tamil.  None of us understand the Sinhala Language which they tried to impose on us back in the 1960’s.  These children had witnessed their parents agony during their childhood and now they have taken up the struggle themselves. I am sure David Milliband and other polictians appreciate our youths demand more than their parents.

I would like you all to understand how effectively Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) approached our struggle during their dying years before then the Sihalese Racist Government cruched our politians aspirations and now drove us to taken up the arm Struggle.

As a British Tamil, with the help of the Labour Party, I would like to get our British born Tamil Youths, most of them are reasonably educated and therefore able to understand and appreciate this resolution, to engage in this political understanding and start the debate towards our permanent and sustainable solution so that their children don’t have to come and demonstrate in another 20 years.

Click here for Resolution

Click here for Homepage

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