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Protests continue in support of Tamil Eelam

May 13, 2009

ABC Online – Tamil protesters ‘frustrated’ at Aust Govt response

About 250 Tamil protesters have gathered outside Parliament House in Canberra to urge the Government to support moves to end the hostilities in northern Sri Lanka.

The United Nations has described the past two days in the region as a bloodbath, saying more than 100 children have been killed.

Parts of Commonwealth Avenue were closed as the convey of about 130 cars arrived from Sydney.

Aust Govt’s response as reported by The Age – Tamil Tigers urged to lay down arms

THE Tamil Tigers, engaged in a violent civil war with the Sri Lankan Government, must lay down their arms to save civilians’ lives, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has urged.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have been waging a violent campaign for independence since the mid 1970s.

At one time holding nearly a third of Sri Lanka’s land, the Tamil Tigers’ territory has been reduced to a strip of land less than five square kilometres.

Aust Govt’s response as reported by ABC – Smith calls for Sri Lankan military restraint

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has urged the Sri Lankan Government to demonstrate humanity as it appears a military victory over the rebel Tamil Tigers is imminent.

Hundreds of civilians have died in the designated no-fire zones as both sides shell each other.

Daily Mail – Tamil protesters dodge Police and scale Westminster Abbey

Tamil protesters’ campaign against the Sri Lankan government escalated last night after four men climbed onto the roof of Westminster Abbey.

The demonstrators climbed up scaffolding on the north side of the building, hanging a banner from an upper level.

Meanwhile hundreds of protesters on the ground blocked roads around Westminster as they demonstrated outside Parliament.

This is London – Tamils climb on to Westminster Abbey roof

Four people were arrested today after scaling Westminster Abbey in support of the anti Sri Lanka demonstration in Parliament Square.

The three men and one woman were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage after they spent the night on top of the Abbey. Witnesses said they unfurled banners calling for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka, whose government forces have been fighting Tamil Tiger rebels. The four are not thought to be part of the main protest outside Parliament but brought in specifically for the stunt.

Globe and Mail –  Tamil protests open political minefield for Ottawa

If the goal of Tamil demonstrators who pushed past police and took over the Gardiner Expressway Sunday night was to get Ottawa’s attention, it worked.

Outcry over the occupation forced political leaders yesterday to juggle a hot potato – cautiously condemning the action while supporting the protesters themselves. Meanwhile, protest organizers refused to rule out further demonstrations and gathered in smaller numbers last night.

Toronto Police weren’t taking any chances, calling in backup and lining streets with fencing.

CTV – Tories ‘not prepared’ to meet with Tamil Tigers

The Star – Why I blocked the Gardiner

Q: What led to the decision to protest on the Gardiner Expressway?

A: We were protesting at Queen’s Park and as a community we decided we weren’t getting enough attention. Our Canadian government clearly hasn’t done enough so we were frustrated. We started walking on the streets. We blocked traffic. We kept walking, directionless. Somehow we ended up in front of the Gardiner and we decided to get on the Gardiner. It was spontaneous. It was not preplanned in any way whatsoever.

The Star – A cry of desperation we can no longer ignore

Tamils, go home! You’re beginning to mess up our schedules, get on our nerves, cause us to be late for Mother’s Day dinner, for crying out loud.

Yes, another thousand of your relatives were slaughtered on the weekend in your homeland, but what’s that got to do with us in Toronto?

Look, we were kind enough to let you into our peaceful country, so please don’t mess it up. Settle your foreign grievances among yourselves without bothering us. And if you must adopt our democratic tradition of public protest, then do it quietly, off in a corner.

That attitude is at the core of many comments being offered on the controversial series of Tamil protests, the latest being the forced closing of the Gardiner Expressway for seven hours Sunday, when as many as 5,000 protesters surprised everyone by marching up the Spadina Ave. ramp and shutting down the expressway.

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