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Red Cross worker killed in Sri Lanka shelling

May 13, 2009

Reuters : Red Cross worker killed in Sri Lanka shelling

Shelling killed a Red Cross worker inside Sri Lanka’s war zone on Wednesday, the aid agency said, while troops and the Tamil Tigers battled in an intensifying fight to the finish of Asia’s longest modern war.

AFP – Red Cross worker killed in Sri Lanka: ICRC

CNN International – Sri Lankan Red Cross worker killed in conflict zone

BBC – ICRC worker killed in Sri Lanka

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  1. Sam permalink
    May 14, 2009 11:05 am

    I really feel sorry for the civilians.
    Also I would like to point out that, if all of this propaganda going about Sri Lankan government using heavy weapons to capture this small area left (approx 3 sq. km) is true, (which government continuously reject those allegations) a person with common sense should think about this,

    How many heavy weapons Sri Lankan army will need to destroy 3 sq .km. If we assume that Sri Lankan army only have multi barrel rocket launchers the answer is only 1 (one) and it only take 44 seconds (if you want to know about them Actually Sri Lankan army have more than 1 multi barrel rocket launchers many more refills rockets for them. Also they have several types of other heavy weapons too.

  2. Sam permalink
    May 14, 2009 11:06 am

    So my point is, if Sri Lankan government and Sri Lankan army do not care about this Tamil civilians trapped in LTTE area (who are there own citizens) why they are not using that 1 multi barrel rocket launcher to finish this conflict once and for all, it will only take 44 seconds to finish this war which have been there for 25 years and can save many solders life (It has been reported more soldier casualties after they have stopped heavy weapons).

    But as far as I can see this international media is only reporting one side of the story, which is LTTE. They mostly take facts (which are not verified) from tamilnet. As free media it is there responsibility get facts from government side too.

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