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SL District Magistrate’s Court confirms 30 starvation deaths inside UN sponsored SL Detention Camps

May 13, 2009

Justice A. K. Alexraja writes “From the observations in the mortuary – in the hospital, from the examinations done in front of me and upon the report reasoning, lead me to conclude that the death was caused by starvation.”

Read full text of the Court Order here.

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  1. fastuntoactionaust permalink
    May 13, 2009 4:50 pm

    Full Text of the Court Order

    Justice A. K. Alexraja, (in front of)
    Case no. B/827/9


    From the observations in the mortuary – in the hospital, from the examinations done in front of me and upon the report reasoning, lead me to conclude that the death was caused by starvation.

    As up to date there were 30 cases, the senior citizens have passed away due to the starvation & malnutrition and without any special care for the senior citizens. As like the same there are more than five deaths on daily basis in the internally displaced peoples’ welfare canters due to starvation and malnutrition. Yesterday alone there were 14 death of elders registered. Today registered 14 deaths of senior citizens in the Chittikulam welfare centre. Yesterday 26/04/2009 Sunday Kathirkamam town three senior citizens passed away, almost six hours the bodies have remained in the same place without any removal. I was able to observe with the death enquiry officer, as there were no proper facilities available to care the elders in the welfare centers. More death tolls have been registered due to lack of the maintenance and caring mechanisms.

    As there were no proper caring mechanisms for elders, they were dying, and the bodies were not timely removed, the surrounding is highly subject to the threat of diseases in the area. Instead of caring for the elders – More expenses are incurred in transporting the bodies to the hospital, and conducting the examinations and for their funeral. The laws of the senior citizens and the laws under the humanitarian grounds have to care for the elders, females, children’s and has to be safe guarded specially caring for the facilities of the elders. Based on the facts for safeguarding the rights the followings are the orders:-

    1) All the necessary details about the elders who are above 60 has to collected and made available with the Grama Sevakar (GS) in the concern welfare centers.
    2) All those who are above 60, without any relations in the welfare centers and who are ill are ordered to be sent to the elder’s home and to be taken care of.
    3) Anyone who is ready to receive the elders, who are above 60 is here by ordered to release from the welfare centers.

    The above said orders is to be conveyed immediately to the District Secretary and to report to the courts through concern officers how this order is implemented and concern officers report to court 04/05/2009. The registrar is ordered to issue this order of the courts to the District Secretary.

    Sgd. 27/04
    District Magistrate’s Court

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