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TYO : Warns of bogus aid collection

May 13, 2009

This was sent to us by the Tamils Youth Organisation in Australia
An email has recently been circulated urging members of the community to donate clothing articles for distribution to the thousands of Tamil civilians being massacred in the Vanni region by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL). The donations will be used by the Sri Lankan military to clothe 170,000 people being forcibly held in government camps. Described as “5 star accommodation” by the GoSL, the first independent video footage inside these facilities verify continued claims by aid agencies that these are “concentration camps”, with stories of rape abuse and torture at the hands of government soldiers seeping through the walls of censorship.

This initiative has been set up by church organizations and members of the Diaspora who have been compelled to act as the suffering of our people intensifies at the hands of GoSL.

We urge each and every one of you to STOP forwarding this email.


• As international pressure increases on the GoSL, the regime has now begun exploiting the generosity of the Tamil diaspora, using our donations to provide food and clothes to prisoners of death whist diverting millions in foreign aid to re-establish an economy on the brink of recession and re-arm a military adamant on the elimination of the entire Tamil race.

• By participating in this campaign, we are shifting the obligation of care for these civilians to the Tamil diaspora, allowing the Government to use allocated foreign aid to prop up its economic and military regimes, as it did in the aftermath of 2004 tsunami.

• Each article of clothing donated helps perpetuate a Government lie that adequate care is being provided to thousands of Tamil civilians, whose fate now remains at the hands of an administration that has killed over 100,000 people, slaughtered for voicing their fundamental right to determine their own destinies.

• This campaign is also an attempt by the GoSL to help legitimise a parallel administration of Tamil representatives currently working against the aspirations of self determination as expressed by the mainstream Tamils.

• By supporting this initiative, we are inadvertently legitimising a proxy government organisation set up with the intention of undermining the consensus that the LTTE are sole representatives of the Tamil people and their aspirations for freedom.

The role of the global Tamil Diaspora has been integral throughout the history of our struggle for equality and freedom. By participating in this campaign however, our complicity in the slaughter of our own will become our lasting legacy and the blood of thousands will stain our conscience for an eternity.

Now, at this juncture in our people’s history, as the gears of ethnic cleansing push further into our homeland, we must remain vigilant in our efforts and not unknowingly become agents of GoSL lies and manipulation.

We must remain united in our ambitions and unwavering in our aspirations.

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