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Comment from one our readers

May 15, 2009

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Please refrain from making intolerant comments due to your own personal misunderstanding. The flag that is present at all protests is the Tamil national flag and is the one flag that all Tamils unite under. The LTTE are providing the only resistance to the Sri Lankan Governments genocide of Tamils.

Peaceful demonstrations such as hunger strikes and street protests are to create awareness and gain the attention of international govts and media so that they may put pressure upon the Sri Lankan Government. It is important to note that the government is the one responsible for so many civilian deaths. They are constantly shelling the no fire zone and are ruthlessly using chemical warfare. UN, UK and FRANCE are starting to see Sri Lanka’s breech of WAR CRIMES and STATE TERRORISM.

This humanitarian catastrophe could be prevented if the Government stopped endangering the lives of innocent civilians and agreed to the terms of a ceasefire. Instead of aimlessly attacking the LTTE, your should be asking why Sri Lanka wont allow independent media access, food and medical resources into these areas?

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