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Govt starts attack with Chemical Weapons

May 15, 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – confirmed by Government doctors within the conflict zone

Desperate calls from the so-called “safe zone” in Sri Lanka state that Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) forces have begun their final offensive and are using chemical weapons and white phosphorus against civilians in their last offensive to capture the remaining areas of the ‘safe zone’ not under their control.

GoSL armed forces have, through items in the state controlled local media and various international media, set the scene to blame the LTTE for this usage of chemical weapons and the vast amount of civilian casualties that are occurring.

Thus far over 4000 civilians have been injured, most with burn injuries, and thousands others killed in the past 36 hours. The injured are in desperate need of evacuation by the ICRC as the last functioning temporary hospital has ceased functioning due to continuous shelling and a lack of any medicines or medical supplies to treat the injured and dying. Hundreds have also died from minor injuries that were not treated due to a lack of medicine, medical supplies and medical staff.

Humanitarian and medical staff in the area call on the international community to demand that the GoSL enter into an immediate ceasefire and allow monitors to ensure that no chemical weapons are used.

Tamilnet – ‘Safety zone’ in smoke, close-quarter fighting is on

Independent – ‘Unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe’

Radio Netherlands – Red Cross reports humanitarian disaster in Sri Lanka

Al Jazeera – Red Cross says Sri Lanka aid not getting through – 15 May 09

Telegraph – Suffering in Sri Lanka

Reuters – Combat rages in Sri Lanka, more civilians flee

ABC  –  Northern Sri Lanka now hell on Earth

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