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Stuart Munckton from Green Left Weekly writes …..

May 15, 2009

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Australian government has no heart – it has a dollar sign where its heart should be.

The world is divided and controlled by the powerful nations that don’t want to see the oppressed win their freedom if it risks upsettingthe status quo. The powerful would rather deal with a strong Sri Lankan dictatorship for trade and other agreements than also have to deal with an independent Tamil Eelam.

Australian government is part of that system. It is easier for the Liberals to support the statement put by the Greens because they are not in government.

Unless forced to from mass pressure by ordinary people, the government will prefer not to upset the Sri Lankan regime. It doesn’t want to rock the boat of a system where the weak get sacrificed so deals among the powerful can be made.

Australia, including Labor governments, totally backed the horrendous genocide by Indonesia in East Timor because Indonesia gave Australia access to Timorese oil- until ordinary people forced the government to change its position through mass protests and trade union action etc. Australia still uses its weight against independent East Timor, but the terrible Indonesian occupation has ended.

It may be easier to get a change of position by Australia on Sri Lanka, as Australia probably has less direct economic interests at stake. But it will take pressure by ordinary people – the protests with support of the Stop the War Coalition on May 23 is one way to build such pressure. along with all the other activism going on.

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