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UN sends envoy to Sri Lanka

May 15, 2009

There is no reason to applaud the UN for this.

The UN is sending Vijay Nambiar

Colombo Page – * UN chief to send his Chef de Cabinet to Sri Lanka again

Click here to read what Inner City Press says this about Vijay’s brother

Vijay Nambiar’s brother Satish, a former Indian general and consultant to the Sri Lankan government, was quoted on the Sri Lankan military’s web page praising the Army’s and its commander’s conduct of the war in the north, despite all the civilians killed. It is, the diplomat said bitterly, all a family affair.

More than 8000 people have died by UN estimates. Which means thousands more have. The UN had said a bloodbath is “imminent” weeks ago, yet what did they do to stop it. Nothing. The US and UK are complicit in this too. The Australian government’s response has been the most appalling.

Regardless, as Tamils we will watch with the smallest bit of hope that even now, after 8000 of our kin have died, after more than 10 000 have been injured, after 300 000 have become internally displaced people and after 200 000 are living in government prison’s , the International Community will finally show some compassion to help to end the suffering of our people

New York Times – UN Envoy Arrives in Sri Lanka

BBC – UN envoy in Sri Lanka peace bid

News24 – UN aide rushed to Sri Lanka

CCTV – UN official heads to Sri Lanka to resolve humanitarian crisis

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