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A comment by a reader about the Rudd Government

May 18, 2009

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Australian Governemnt and its Labour leadership must be ashamed of not being able to see the human tragedy that was in unfolding in Sri Lanka. Regarless of our political conviction falling on either side of Sri Lankan war, anyone who genuinely values the human values could see how innocent civilians being killed, maimed and detained forever in the recent Sri Lankan war. Yet the Australian governement under the Prime Minister Rudd’s leadership and its labour members could not see the morality in supporting the Senator Brown’s motion in the Australian parliament. Many Australians of Sri Lankan origin would have expected more of the leader who proudly declares his affinity to Christian values. Is it a case of Australian Goverment trying to take side with the Chineese Government who had been fueling the war by military aid to Sri lanka and partnering with Russia in preventing the matter to be discussed in the UN Security Council. I am sure Australians of Sri Lankan origin, who care to see humanity prevail in our world, would remember this when they vote to select their local goverment, state government and federal government representatives.

President Obama and Prime minister Brown had the guts to call on the government to halt the war over the last mere 4 sq km of land in order to protect 100, 000 civilians. That is leadership.

UN has walked out of Tamils, UN chief is too busy to visit Sri Lanka to apply any real pressure to protect civilians, it was a war without any witness, UN security council was unable to bring itself to properly discuss the humanitarian crisis, Red Cross was crying out loudly saying it was a catastrophe – yet our foreign minister was calling on UN to do somthing and did not see the urgency to send a simple gesture by voting in favour of the motion at least.

If the evidence slowly emerging is any indicator of war crimes of big proportions, many organisations including our foreing minitry simply did not have the guts to act decisively to protecting the innocent people already killed and maimed. As the history repeats itself, Sri Lanka has become another Dafour and UN has once again proved itself in capable of serving its purpose and its duty as the protector of those who have no protection from their own governments like those who were caught in Wanni, Sri Lanka.

Will the UN Chief assume his responsibility and order a war crime investigation in to Sri Lankan war? or will he consider resigning from his position for his in ability to commit time to deal with this tragedy?

Will the current Australian Goverment will commit some more Millions of dollars in emergency aid to say it has done more?
Will it assume the moral responsibility in going against China and Russia in pressuring a UN probe into the alleged war crimes in Srilanka?

Only time can tell us the answers, a disappointed Australian of Sri Lankan origin.

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