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Blog post – The real culprits behind Sri Lankan War

May 18, 2009

The Telegraph  – The Real Culprits behind Sri Lankan War

Birds have now stopped singing  in a land called Vanni.  Sun, moon and the stars in the sky have hidden their faces. Angel of death flew over the skies of Vanni and took the lives of more than twenty five thousand innocent Tamil men, women and children in a single day.

Thousands of wounded are still crying out for help. They are bleeding to death on the streets. They have touched neither water nor food for days. Nobody has come to rescue them. Those who fight for the rights of the animals and those who preach about Buddha and Mahatma have no compassion for the dying Tamils.

Chinese weapons,  Indian intelligence, Sinhala Armed personals and racist Sri Lankan leaders came together to perform one of the most cruel war that has cost the lives of many thousands innocents.

While thousands of  innocent children and women are facing painful and slow death, Sinhala Buddhist extremists are celebrating victory with flags and  fire crackers in the south of the country.

War that was started with hidden agendas of local and international forces, went on for months not just with the strength of the weapons but with well organised false propaganda done by the Sri Lankan officials.

This war was orchestrated and staged with lies and deceptions from the beginning till the end.

Sri Lankan leaders are still vomiting out worms of lies

Rulers of Sri Lanka are continuing to vomit out worms of lies to justify their atrocities against innocent lives.  They started with “War on Terror” but changed the buzz word to “Humanitarian Operation” in order to deceive the international community. “War on Terror” was an accepted norm during the Bush era but lost it’s validity now. Therefore they had changed the name of the game to “Humanitarian operation”

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  1. Steven - Washington permalink
    May 19, 2009 1:31 pm

    very well put. This was definitely a Chinese & Indian instigated war.
    I like to throw into this as well. China has started building a $1 billion dollar navel base in sourthern island. Let see how india is going to swallow this.

  2. Sanjeewa permalink
    May 21, 2009 4:48 pm

    Hope you talking with second or third hand information or information
    gained from pro LTTE sources.
    If you are living in Sri Lanka you will know real truth.

    Tamil Diaspora really concern abut this because of they went to
    western countries like Canada, USA and European countries by claiming
    asylum or political protection. They are having lavish life than
    innocent Tamil here in Sri Lanka. When there is no war and no LTTE, no
    one can use that trick.

    Lots of people do not want to end this conflict (Like beggars wound)
    like Tamil Diaspora, INGO, NGO, and other international bodies who
    make life out of this. People who really want to end this conflict
    are people who living in Sri Lanka. We are all as a Sri Lankan Tamils
    Singhalees, Muslims and Burghees.

    The tamils have been saved from Prabakaran, the tamil killing machine.
    When was he ever concerned about tamils?

    The following will show his ‘love’ for tamils
    -Known to be biggest killer of tamils
    -5000 EPRLF tamils killed
    -1500 Mahattaya tamil supporters killed in 90’s
    -Human Right watch in March ’06 says LTTE killed 2 tamils a day ( 500
    in the previous 2 years)
    -Killed at least 36 prominent tamil politiciens
    -20,000 kids abducted amid the screams of parents and sacrificed
    -More than 375 suicide bombers
    -In early 80’s he killed many LTTE leaders who were a threat to him (
    Kelvian Kadu Chetty, Micheal, Pat Kunam, Sabalingam)
    -40,000 tamil civilians kept as human shields in Varakai in eastern
    province and more than 200,000 in Vanni. VP prefered them dead but
    most are enjoying life now!
    -8000 student who sat GCSE exams forcibly enlisted in ’08 and now most
    killed in war
    -227 LTTE injured cadres shot dead in Killinochchi as they could not
    be taken away when army came
    -on 24/3/09 550 kids forcibly taken away from a church
    -On 10/2/09 17 tamil civilians killed trying to flee and since then
    many more killed/ shot even burned !
    -Now more than 100,000 tamils kept as hostage and ready to sacrifice them

    These are killings of an organisation who claim to be sole representatives!!

    Any tamil who questioned the wisdom of a grade 5 drop out was labelled
    a traitor and killed!

    Prof James Jupp- Australia ‘Prabakaran is a psychopathic killer. He
    lives to kill and kills to live’

    Compared to Prabakaran, Idi Amin was a saint!

    Even Saddam kept westerners as hostages not his own people !

    Hitler killed 6 million Jews but did not kill of his own!

    Having the audacity to kill even the caders who fought for him and
    many previous LTTE leaders what chance do ordinary poor tamils have ?

    This tamil curse had to be eliminated for the sake of innocent tamils.
    SL army has done for the tamils and for the whole of Lanka!

  3. Mel permalink
    May 22, 2009 12:10 pm

    There no point lying to a nation that is already aware of the Sri Lankan government and their horrific actions! You sound highly misinformed…but that’s not your fault! It’s the SL government who has barred independent media access because they have to hide the reality of their violent war crimes from international eyes.

    We all know that the SL government abused propaganda to bring down this war…its just pathetic that you have to make up statistics and create stories to convince yourself that Sri Lanka is now at peace. Its okay! I understand…the govt needs to stage the death of certain people and force IDP’s to act in pre-organised internment camp visits …just so that the govt feel less guilty about the death of over 100,000 Tamil people.

    It’s ridiculous for you to even try and sell the idea that “most are enjoying life now”…because the reality is that MURDER, RAPE, ABDUCTION, TORTURE and all the other brutal things that Tamils have had to endure IS STILL OCCURING!! I think you’re the only one enjoying life!! For the rest of us…this discrimination against the Tamil people is nothing short of disgusting.

    But then again how can we expect any different from a government that won’t even provide its Tamil population with basic necessities like food, water, shelter, and medical aid. CHANNEL 4, SKY NEWS, ICRC, UNICEF have all highlighted this…but obviously the UN and NGO’s aren’t qualified enough to make statements about malnourished children with untreated injuries…

    I mean the war is over right??…so what’s the governments excuse now ?? I wonder how they’re going to explain to the wider community why Tamils are still dying…and why this bloodbath is still occurring?

    Don’t worry…I already know that they will LIE!!!

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