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Two injured in home invasion – Westmead, Contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, Says NSW Police

May 18, 2009

This is our understanding of what happened yesterday at around 4-4:30 as explained by a spokeswoman in the Tamil community AAP – Damaged Tamil flag sparks ethnic brawl

The spokeswoman didn’t witness the fight but said she had been told a group of Tamils had arrived at Westmead station to visit a hunger striker at a nearby temple.

The Tamils saw groups of Sinhalese people armed with golf clubs and car jacks, and called other Tamils at the temple to come and pick them up, she said.

“So a few cars had gone to pick them up, so that’s when this altercation took place in front of Westmead station,” the spokeswoman told AAP.

“I was at the temple, this is what I had heard, and at that time a Tamil man had been attacked, he says by about 20 Sinhalese people, and was taken to Westmead hospital.”

She had not heard about the home invasion, she said, adding that the Sydney Tamil community was strongly discouraging violence.

“Since (the fight) the Tamil community has been telling everyone… if you’re provoked just call the police, don’t escalate the situation.


And this is what the media is reporting

LiveNews – RAW AUDIO: Acid attack witnesses

** listen to above interview **

Brisbane Times – Two Sri Lankan men splashed with acid

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  1. May 18, 2009 6:05 pm

    Please do not attack one person. and blame them for this violence. Sam Pari has witnessed the suffering of the tamil people first hand. Those people who acted are NOT true representatives of the tamil community. They are just voilent individuals who chose to attack two innoicent young men while they slept! It was callous brutal and wrong.

    Whilst we are on the topic of violence what about the violence of the Sri Lankan Government. The tamil people tried to have their rights realised through peaceful democratic processes and this was responded to with voilence by the Sri Lankan Government. The tamil people tried for 30 years before deciding to take up arms because their backs were against the wall.

    All the tamil people are asking for is what is rightuflly theres. I recommend you do some research into what the tamil people faced before the LTTE was born.

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