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Tamils’ version of the recent clashes in Sydney

May 19, 2009

ABC Radio AM program – Fears that Tamil troubles will flare in Australia
Listen to program here.
Read transcript here.

ABC Radio’s AM program – Sri Lanka: War over, peace a way off
Listen to program here.
Read transcript here.

ABC Radio’s PM program on Sri Lankan conflict.
Listen to program here.

————————— msg to our readers

The recent violence between the Tamil and Sinhalese communities in Australia continues to overshadow the human catastrophe that has unfolded in Sri Lanka. 

These sporadic acts of violence are the catastrophic crossroads of joy and “victory” by one community versus the mourning and sorrow of another. 

Both the Tamil and Sinhalese Diaspora in Australia have been vocal in their condemnation of these senseless actions, carried out by rogue elements within their respective communities.

Despite undeniable fault lines of ideological difference, both communities continue to make positive contributions to the fabric of this nation. Tamils & Sinhalese, myself included, have bonds of friendship that have flourished over many years in defiance of differing political and social views. 

As the Tamil people continue to voice their aspirations for self determination, and the struggle for freedom enters a new phase, we urge members of BOTH communities to ensure that any expressions of political and social frustration abide by the democratic laws of Australia.

We maybe Tamils, we maybe Sinhalese, but we are also Australians, and must continue to uphold the moralistic principles of humanity in this place we now also call home.

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