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Black Friday for Tamils vigil in Canberra

May 22, 2009


Click here for Press Release

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  1. fastuntoactionaust permalink
    May 23, 2009 1:38 am

    OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on 22 May 2009 7:00 AM –

    Australian Tamil community mourns Sri Lankan Genocide victims

    Friday 22 May 2009 will be remembered by the Tamil Diaspora community as the day when all non-Buddhist Sinhalese lost all their rights to live as equal citizens in Sri Lanka.

    With absolute insensitivity to the loss felt by the Tamil community, who have witnessed an estimated 25,000 of their loved ones die in the recent months, the Sri Lankan State has ordered today to be celebrated as Republic Day.

    As more than 300,000 Tamils remain detained indefinitely in concentration camps, the Sri Lankan government celebrates today with absolute disregard to their welfare. They remain shut out from the outside world, as Sri Lanka continues to deny UN, ICRC, media and aid groups access to the camps and conflict zones.

    The day of mourning is worldwide, with Tamils in all parts of the world mourning the loss of life, land and dignity of the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

    A rally organised by Stop the War Coalition and members of the Tamil community will take place tomorrow, Saturday 23 May 2009 at 12 noon at Martin Place, Sydney.

    Media Contacts:

    Mr Adrian Francis 0420 522 099

    Dr Sam Pari 0433 428 967

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