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More articles highlighting the hidden truth in SL

May 26, 2009

The Australian : Cause remains for Tamil Tiger in our midst
THE guns have been silenced and peace has returned to her homeland, but the celebrations have been muted this week for Sri Lankan expatriate Niromi de Soyza…It was, she maintains, a “quest for equality”; the defence of the Tamil minority against an oppressive Sinhalese government that had discriminated against them for too long…”I am relieved the fighting is over. Violence resolves nothing, I know that now. But nothing has changed for the Tamils,” de Soyza, 39, told The Weekend Australian yesterday. “We don’t have independence. Look at the way the Tamils are treated in the (refugee) camps. The cause is not over.”

The Telegraph : When Justice failed in Teardrop Terror Island!
Sixty years of State Terrorism in Sri Lanka
BBC journalist with the jubilant crowd in Colombo was telling us, how terrorism has now been defeated in Sri Lanka. It is a clear indication that the world still hasn’t grasped the fundamental root cause behind the civil unrest in this country.

Times Online : 200,000 Tamil civilians imprisoned in Sri Lankan Manik Farm camp
“We are in an open jail,” Kumar whispers, his skinny shoulders shaking as he looks around to check who is watching “Help us, we want to be free.” He is one of about 200,000 Tamil civilians being held against their will behind the razor-wire coils that surround Manik Farm, the largest displacement camp in Sri Lanka — one of the largest in the world.

The Telegraph : Sri Lanka’s government deliberately concealed official casualty figures
Sri Lanka’s government has deliberately concealed official figures showing the number of civilians wounded in the final battle with the Tamil Tigers.

The Age : Minister admits high civilian toll
A FORMER Tamil Tigers leader who defected to become a Sri Lankan Government minister has given the first official admission that a significant number of civilians were killed during the final offensive against the rebels.

Times Online : Paramilitaries ‘abducting Tamil children from Sri Lanka camps’
Paramilitary groups with links to the Sri Lankan Army are abducting Tamil children as young as 12 from state-run internment camps set up to hold 300,000 people displaced by the Government’s war with the Tamil Tigers, a campaign group says.

The Australian : Slain Tamil chiefs were promised safety
As the Sri Lankan army closed in, top rebels asked journalist Marie Colvin to relay their surrender conditions to the UN

The Australian : Colombo warning to Australia on Tamil refugees
AUSTRALIA faces a diplomatic rift with Sri Lanka after its high commissioner yesterday warned the Rudd Government not to accept Tamil refugees from its civil war.

Guardian, UK : Sri Lanka: child victims of the battle to end a bloody civil war
President said Tamil Tigers were defeated without inflicting civilian casualties
Health workers and human rights activists say that the country’s ­medical services cannot handle the huge ­numbers of children and adults needing treatment for terrible injuries sustained during the final weeks of the fighting. But the government appears determined to keep the true scale of the disaster out of the public eye, barring access to the hospitals and arresting three doctors who worked inside the war zone, accusing them of fabricating casualty figures.

Associated Press : Scorched earth, craters mark Sri Lanka’s war zone

The government has denied firing heavy weapons into what had been a battlefield densely populated with civilians. But the helicopter tour the military gave U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and a group of journalists Saturday revealed widespread devastation.

New Matilda : The Grip Of Power
The Tigers have been defeated but don’t expect dissenting voices to be welcome in Sri Lanka any time soon, says Sri Lankan journalist Sunanda Deshapriya in an interview with

Times Online : Horror for civilians trapped in Sri Lanka’s ‘no-fire zone’
Sri Lanka’s no-fire zone is a scene of such utter devastation it mocks its very name. It is a glimpse of hell unleashed in paradise. A glistening white beach packed with home-made bunkers where civilians huddled to protect themselves from the shells that the government denies launching in the final weeks of the offensive. The craters in the white sand; the charcoal coloured scorch marks and bombed-out dwellings; the abandoned bus, its forlorn white flag still flying, and the human detritus tell a very different story.

SMH : Military emboldened by Beijing’s embrace
THE pitiless success of Sri Lanka’s military offensive delivers one salutary lesson: if you have China as an ally, you can afford to ignore pressure from anywhere else.

Catholic News Service : Banned arms’ use caused high casualties in Sri Lanka, says aid worker
Sri Lankan government forces killed or injured 25,000-30,000 civilians in the span of just a few days during its final offensive against Tamil militants, said a humanitarian worker who just left the country.

Guardian, UK : Activist seized from lawyer’s car in Sri Lanka
The abduction of activists and relief workers has undercut the message of compromise and reconciliation from the president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, rights groups said yesterday.

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