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The massacre of 20 000 Tamils by the Sri Lankan government

May 30, 2009

Toronto Star – Over 20000 Sri Lankan refugees killed as war ended: report

Times Online – UN chief knew Tamil civilian toll had reached 20000

Belfast Telegraph – 20000 killed in final days of Sri Lankan war

United Press International – Report:Tens of thousands died in shelling

Radio Netherlands – At least 20000 Tamils killed in final offensive

CNN – Paper: 20000 killed in Sri Lanka conflict

AFP – ‘Over 20000 Tamils killed’ in Sri Lankan onslaught

The Daily Telegraph –  Sri Lankan army accused of massacring 20000 Tamil civilians 

Al Jazeera – Sri Lanka fighting ‘killed 20000’

Reuters – Over 20000 died in S.Lanka rebels’ defeat-paper

Business Standard – ‘Hidden massacre’ on Lanka’s beach: report

Reports of denial by the Sri Lankan Govt – the same govt that said ‘not one civilian life was lost’

New York Times – Sri Lanka Disputes Report of 20000 Dead

BBC – Sri Lanka rejects deaths report

Voice of America – Sri Lanka Denies Report on Civilian Deaths

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