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British media : The UN has failed the Tamils

June 1, 2009

Guardian UK : The UN has failed the Tamils

After reports of 20,000 massacred by the Sri Lankan military, the EU and others must step in where the UN fears to tread

BBC : Calls mount for Sri Lanka probe

British human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson said it would take time for the true story to emerge. Foreign journalists and humanitarian groups were barred from the conflict zone and although the Red Cross entered, it does not give evidence in international courts, he said.

“In the fullness of time, of course, you do have witnesses, you do have thousands of people who were on that dreadful strip of beach [designated as a safe zone by the government].”

He said as well as priests and doctors talking about what happened, there were also graves.

“This is the way, unfortunately, war crimes are now dealt with, through forensic investigators finding out the story by investigating mass graves.

“And there do seem, from aerial photographs, to be some.”

The Times – Time for Witness

BBC – Sri Lanka Tamils ‘facing misery’

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