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June 2, 2009

ABC Radio Australia : Sri Lanka needs to learn from post tsunami mistakes
The anti-corruption agency Transparency International has called for greater scrutiny, as financial aid pours in for post-war reconstruction.
“We got a huge amount of money, billions of money came to Sri Lanka and there was no proper auditing which was done by the government so far about the money which came…We realise there are huge disparities among the disbursed amount of money as was the expended amount of money. And there is no logical experience so far. What are the reasons for this disparity?”
Speaker: Rukshana Nanayakkara, deputy executive director of Transparency International in Sri Lanka
Listen to audio here.
Listen to audio from source.

Catholic News Service : Banned arms’ use caused high casualties in Sri Lanka, says aid worker
Sri Lankan government forces killed or injured 25,000-30,000 civilians in the span of just a few days during its final offensive against Tamil militants, said a humanitarian worker who just left the country.

The high number of casualties was caused by “a generous use” of weapons, such as cluster and chemical bombs, that are banned by international treaties and, therefore, their use represents a crime against humanity, he told Catholic News Service in Rome May 21.
Read article here.

CPJ : Another Sri Lankan journalist attacked
The Associated Press reported that police spokesman Ranjith Gunasekara said that “authorities don’t know who was behind the attack on Jayantha, who had long accused the government of using threats to silence criticism in the media. No arrests have been made.”
Read article here.

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