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French 24, Channel 4 and Times UK continue to reveal the truth…

June 2, 2009

Channel 4 : Civilian Massacre

Credible sources reveal death toll of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka.

Watch video here.

France 24 : Colombo against international human rights probes

Sri Lanka said it would only allow its own courts – and not international ones – to investigate reported human rights abuses and thousands of civilian deaths during the government’s military campaign against Tamil Tigers, which ended in May.

Watch video here.

France 24 : Colombo detains three doctors, witnesses of the war on Tamil rebels

After denouncing the UN’s complacency toward civilian casualties in Sri Lanka, French daily Le Monde on Friday ran an article about three doctors who, because they stayed behind to care for the wounded, are now in police custody.

Reporter from French Media Agency reports from Sri Lanka.

Watch video here.

Times Online : Time for Witness

The UN Secretary-General must speak out about civilian deaths in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Government has much to account for. Yet it has responded with disingenuity and fantasy. It first denied the deaths of civilians and then claimed that the photographic evidence, repeated by independent witnesses, had been forged. In doing so, it is perpetrating sins of omission in order to obscure those of commission. Mr Ban must speak; the UN must investigate. Nothing else will demonstrate a decent respect for the opinions of mankind.

Read more here.

Times Online : Praise for Sri Lanka raises questions of how effective UN really is

The decision by its Human Rights Council to praise the Sri Lankan Government over its war against the Tamil Tigers is the latest incident to raise questions about how effective the UN is.

Read article here.

Times Online : Britain sold weapons to help Sri Lankan army defeat Tamil Tigers

Britain and other EU countries sold military equipment worth millions of pounds to the Sri Lankan Government in the last three years of its bloody civil war with the Tamil Tigers, The Times has learnt.

Read article here.

Times Online : Sri Lanka’s crucial role in Indian Ocean power struggle

Read article here.

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