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Sri Lankan Puppets in the Hands of Emerging Superpowers

June 5, 2009

Richard Dixon writes again on Telegraph Blogs – Sri Lankan Puppets in the Hands of Emerging Superpowers

We all wept when the Asian Tsunami took the lives of thousands

When the Asian Tsunami struck the shores of Sri Lanka, more than thirty thousands died instantly. They stopped breathing in minutes after they were swept into the ocean. Their last chapters were very brief.

News channels from major broadcasting networks were showing the horrors of tsunami twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Media and Sports personalities appealed for aid. We packed gifts and took it to our churches and schools. Nations of the free world gave billions as aid to a country that still treats its Tamil minorities as second class citizens.

 But the world remained silent when thousands of women and children experienced painful slow death in the killing fields of Sri Lanka

Another disaster struck the Tamils of Sri Lanka recently and this was a war conducted with many hidden agendas. More than fifty thousand innocent Tamil civilians were killed and thirty thousands were maimed in one of the most brutal wars in the history of the mankind. This war has cost more lives than the Asian Tsunami in this tear drop island.

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