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SLanka seizes ship with supplies for war-hit civilians

June 5, 2009

AFP – SLanka seizes ship with supplies for war-hit civilians

Sri Lanka’s navy Thursday seized a foreign-owned ship loaded with medical, food and other supplies for war-hit civilians, saying the vessel had entered its territorial waters illegally.

The supplies, arranged by supporters of the Tamil rebel cause, were loaded onto a ship in the English port of Ipswich in April — just weeks before the government declared victory in the ethnic conflict, a navy spokesman said.

“We have seized the vessel and we are bringing it ashore now,” Captain D.K. Dassanayake said, adding the crew offered no resistance when the navy boarded the vessel 140 kilometres (87 miles) west of Sri Lanka.
The ship, the Captain Ali, was carrying hundreds of tonnes of food, medicine and other supplies for Tamil civilians caught up in the decades-long conflict, he said.

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Independent – Sri Lanka Navy halts UK Tamils’ aid

eTaiwan – Sri Lanka stops aid ship sent by overseas Tamils

Hindu – Cargo vessel seized off Colombo waters

ABC Online – Sri Lankan navy seizes Tamil supply ship

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