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June 10, 2009

Tamil National – ITC conference urged Tamils to unite and expressed fear on ‘Sinhala colonising’ Tamil lands

Sri Lanka’s Army Commander General Foneska’s statement on recruiting 100,000 new recruits has raised fears, in the minds of Sri Lankan Tamil Observer groups, of systematic colonisation of the Tamil lands in the North and the East by the Sinhala army.

The conference on ‘Sri Lankan Tamils’ what’s next,’ organised by International Tamil Centre (ITC or “Pannattu Thamizh Naduvam”) for its third anniversary in Chennai on Monday, discussed on the future of the Eelam, and urged the Tamils to forget differences and create public opinion in favour of devolution of powers to the Tamils in Lanka. The fear of Sinhala colonisation was an issue raised by the observers at the conference.

They said, “Instead of demobilisation of armed power, Sri Lankan government is going in for fresh recruitment drive. This is nothing but the reflection of the mistrust and unsafe conditions that exist for the innocent Tamils.”

BBC – Sri Lanka extends emergency laws

Sri Lanka’s parliament has voted to extend the state of emergency for another month, despite the defeat of Tamil Tiger rebels last month.

A defence spokesman said that the army still needed time to to root out any remaining Tamil rebels.

The emergency has existed for most of the last 30 years and constitutionally has to be voted on every month.

It gives security forces wide-ranging powers to arrest and detain suspects indefinitely without charge.

AFP – Sri Lanka detains Canadian MP: officials

A Canadian MP was detained on arrival at Sri Lanka’s international airport and could be deported for allegedly having supported the Tamil Tiger rebels, officials in the island state have said.

Bob Rae, a Liberal member of parliament and outspoken critic of the Sri Lankan military’s offensive against the rebels, was stopped at Bandaranaike International airport and barred from passing through immigration, a foreign ministry official said.

“There are allegations that he was supportive of Tamil Tigers,” said an official, who asked not to be named.

“We have not deported him yet,” he added.

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