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June 11, 2009

The Guardian – In Sri Lanka the war is over but Tamil Tiger remnants suffer brutal revenge

Reports are emerging from inside Sri Lanka‘s internment camps of brutal revenge being taken against Tamil Tiger fighters and the abduction of young children by paramilitary groups.

Detainees in one of the camps told the Guardian that a number of female Tamil Tigers have been murdered after giving themselves up to the authorities.

The bodies of 11 young women were allegedly found with their throats slashed outside the Menic Farm camp near the town of Vavuniya, according to people being held behind the razor wire perimeter. The women’s short haircuts are understood to have made them easily identifiable as former members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The bodies are said to have been discovered in the last two weeks, but there is no way of confirming the allegations because access to the camps is heavily restricted.


Today a British Euro MP called for a ban on sporting and tourist ties with Sri Lanka. Robert Evans, chair of the European parliament delegation for relations with South Asia, said the England and Wales Cricket Board should suspend bilateral arrangement with Sri Lanka in the same way that it had done with Zimbabwe.

Press Trust of India –Four pro-LTTE MPs refused leave by Sri Lankan parliament

Asia Times Online – India blasts rivals’ role in Sri Lanka

Auckland Eastern Courier – Fears for relatives’ survival

Local Tamil families begin their day by searching an internet list of people killed in Sri Lanka, desperately hoping they won’t see the names of loved ones.

“It’s miserable, no one would like to start their day like that,” says Vigi Ratnam.

Stories of the fear and helplessness for relatives caught up in Sri Lanka’s civil war poured out at a meeting on Monday night between members of about 100 local Tamil families and MP Maurice Williamson.

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