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Humanity failed in Sri Lanka

June 13, 2009

Guardian Comment – Humanity failed in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country where abductions, disappearances, killings and general human rights violations happen with impunity. Law and order is applied selectively. Racists are promoted to higher ranks and government allegedly colludes with armed paramilitary in abductions and disappearances. In recent times, Sri Lanka has taken a step further in breaching international law, Geneva conventions and UN charters that it is signed up to. In the name of “war on terror”, Sri Lanka conducted mass murder in broad daylight.

What are we going to tell our own kids when they ask us what we did to save those children? We know from the UN secretary general that more than 50,000 children are living under “appalling conditions” in barbed-wire open prisons. We also know that in the weeks preceding the end of the war at the end of last month, over 20,000 innocent lives were lost and possibly over a third of that were children. Many of them died due to starvation and lack of medical care as the government of Sri Lanka, refused the calls of institutions like the Red Cross and the UN to send sufficient food and medicines.

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