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War Without Witness – 20,000 Identities/Cases confirmed

June 13, 2009

War Without Witness – Victims of Sri Lankan Government’s Genocidal War – 20,000 Identities/Cases confirmed by War Without Witness

Since September 2008, Sri Lankan Government banned access for all independent monitors, Humanitarian workers including the Un and the media to the combat zone (vanni) and systematically isolated the combat zone (Vanni) from the outside world and waged a genocidal war without any witness. The Times, UK on 30th May 2009 accused Ban Ki-Moon’s Chief of Staff Vijay Nambiar for downplaying the Sri lankan death toll. Sir John Holmes, United Nations, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, on 30th May 2009, in an interview to Reuters told that, “World may never know Sri Lankan death toll”.

Yes, the world may never know Sri Lankan death toll of its more than half a century old genocide, if worlds top Human Right defenders lacks integrity, will and courage. But the world will know the truth till a single human soul exist in this planet, which believes in justice.

This “War Without Witness” report is based on firsthand information obtained from Government Hospital authorities, Government Officials, Police and Judiciary sources in Vanni and Sri Lanka, The North East Secretariat of Human Rights, Aid workers, Human Rights Activists in Sri Lankan working for leading INGO & NGOs (including UN and ICRC) and primary data gathering exercise amongst exiled Tamil Diaspora (photos and details of some of those Victims).

Ø Identities/cases ( Photo , Full Name , Date of Birth/Age, Home Town/Native Place) of more than 300 innocent Tamil civilians who have been killed by Sri lankan Armed Forces in 2009 has been documented in this report.

Ø Identities/cases ( Full Name, Age, Sex , Hospital admitted at ) of more than 19,700 inocent Tamil civilians who have been killed or injured by Sri lankan Armed Forces in 2009 has been documented in this report. (Annex 01 and Annex 02).

Ø More than 95% of this 20,000, confirmed identities of Victims killed or injured by Sri Lanka Armed Forces occurred in first three month from January to March 2009 and doesn’t include the final stages of the battle described by UN as ‘bloodbath on beaches’ in April and May 2009.

Ø By end of April and till 20th May death toll estimated by various Human Rights Organisations ( Including UN Local staff ) are around 1000 a day.

Ø More than 430 Tamil Civilians have died after fledding the war-zone in UN funded detention camps & hospitals, due to Injury, Starvation ( lack of food and medicine ) and diaria. ( Annex 03 )

Click below to download the Report
– Full Report ( 10 MB , 497 Pages)
– Annex 01 ( Name List – Civilian Casuality Recorded at a Make-Shift Hospital)
– Annex 02 ( Name List – Injured Patients transported in ICRC ships and admitted at Hospitals )

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