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June 16, 2009

Beyond Borders – “The Best cup of Nestomalt I’ve had in my life!!!”

Let alone Nestomalt, it was the best cup of anything I’ve ever drunk in my life. Honestly speaking, it was the first cup of Nestomalt I’ve ever drunk, cos’ I hate the stuff usually. Enough about me and Nestomalt, let me tell you why it was the best cup I’ve ever drunk!

I’m going to be starting with the end this time…it was approximately 7 pm and two of us were just finishing off our last distribution of some tea, sugar and “Nestomalt,” to the last ward. Once we were done, we decided to sit down and have a little chat with some of the patients and their families. We barely had any time to have a chat with anyone this time, because distribution was an absolute “logistical nightmare!” Anyway, as a direct result of a part Sinhala, part Tamil, part English and part sign language chat I had with one of the families, they discovered that we hadn’t had lunch as yet. And to make matters worse, I told them that I was “setthu poochi” (dead)! After having a good laugh possibly at my heavily accented Tamil, and also what I said, I guess, I moved to another group of patients, and as far as I was concerned, that was the end of that. That was of course until, around 10 minutes later, I get a little tap on my shoulder and a little girl hands me a little stainless steel tumbler full of piping hot Nestomalt!


And then last but hardly least, there was precious little 2 week year old Arjun who had been born at the hospital. Cradled in his dad’s arms, he just lay there with his eyes peacefully shut, seemingly without a care in the world. Looking down on this tiny little miracle, all I could wish for with all my heart, was that he gets to grow up in a world where war, hatred, pain and suffering are only heard of in story books.

A friend of mine often questions my abundance of hope…“Arjun” is why I hope…

– Marisa de Silva.

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