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Richard Dixon writes again …

June 16, 2009

Tamils languishing in Sri Lankan Death Camps

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have all been witnessing one of the darkest chapters in humanity, now being written by the blood of innocent civilians in a land that was once known as Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The ugliest part of this chapter is not what is happening to the innocents but the response from the civilised world that has so far failed miserably to save the lives, although it has the power to act.
Sri Lankan authorities have recently claimed that thirty years of civil war was over and Sri Lanka had defeated Terrorism in this island.
In reality, the so called “War on Terror” is over, deceptive Humanitarian and rescue operations are over but “War on the Innocent Minority Tamils” that started almost two thousands years ago is still continuing and it has now taken a new dangerous turn.

Many of us studied in our history lessons about concentration camps and extermination camps that were operating in Europe during world war two. We were shocked, when we heard about how innocent Jewish people were killed by the Nazis in gas chambers.

Some of us have even written research papers and spent years studying about these notorious Death Camps. We have the systems and procedures in place to stop something like this being repeated in the future. International Humanitarian Organisations have genocide alert mechanisms in place for rapid action.

World leaders very often visit the Auschwitz extermination camps in Poland and make statements like “We will not allow something like this to happen in the future” or “Never again”.

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