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The women of Tamil Eelam

June 22, 2009

** One of our reader’s said he/she was searching for information on the women of Eelam including those that had joined the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. So this post is in response to that request **

Aljazeera – Sri Lanka’s female Tamil Tigers – July 31, 07

Al Jazeera’s Kylie Grey gains rare access to female Tamil Tiger soldiers in the LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi.

Tamil Girls & Their Armed Struggle For Freedom of TamilEelam

VICE Magazine : GO TIGERS!

Tamil Girls Are the Toughest Girls in the World

Click here for part 1

Click here for part 2

Click here for part 3

Click here for part 4

Tamil National – Women and the Struggle for Tamil Eelam

The above has links to article, literature, books about this topic


Click here to read more about the Women Fighters of Liberation Tigers


 The below links tell of the trauma, sexual abuse, rape and torture that Tamils women have faced at the hands of the Sri Lankan government. Viewer discretion advised. Some of these links have previously been produced in the blog. If you have any more information pls email us

Channel 4 video –  Grim scenes at Sri Lankan camps

Channel 4 News reports from a camp in the northern Sri Lankan city of Vavuniya, where Tamil refugees have been taken.

Shocking claims have emerged of shortages of food and water, dead bodies left where they have fallen, women separated from their families, and even sexual abuse.

A short collection of clips from jan, feb and march from the “safe zone”-  captures the trauma of war on  women and children

Amnesty International Archives – Rape in Custody


Sinnathamby Sivamany (aged 24) and Ehamparam Wijikala (aged 22), two Tamil women internally displaced by the ongoing armed conflict in the north and east of Sri Lanka, were arrested by members of the navy in the coastal city of Mannar on 19 March 2001. They were subsequently raped by navy personnel and members of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of the police at the office of the Counter-Subversive Unit (CSU) of the police along Pallimunai Road, approximately 500 metres outside Mannar town.

Ehamparam Wijikala’s partner and the 6-year-old son of Sinnathamby Sivamany were also taken into custody. They were all taken to the CSU office in a white van. Ehamparam Wijikala, in a petition to the Supreme Court, alleges that she and her partner were taken inside the CSU office. Her partner was locked in a cell, she was taken into a separate room. The Officer-in-Charge (OIC) was also there in the room. He asked her to sit on the floor and she complied. The OIC then asked a male police officer named Rajah to bring a piece of cloth. Rajah blindfolded her with the piece of cloth. She was told to remove her clothes. When she refused she was beaten and her clothes were forcibly removed by them. Then, while some of them held her hands and legs one person got on top of her, soon afterwards followed by another one. She said they both raped her.

Sinnathamby Sivamany has testified that soon after Ehamparam Wijikala and her partner had been taken into the CSU office, a navy personnel came to the van and took away her son. Another navy officer then climbed into the van and blindfolded her with a sock aided by the driver of the van. Then this officer forcibly removed her clothes and raped her. After about 15 minutes he left the van. Some time after that she was taken inside the CSU office to the room in which Ehamparam Wijikala was being held and the security forces personnel present there beat her demanding that she remove her clothes. When she refused, Rajah ordered Ehamparam Wijikala to remove Sinnathamby Sivamany’s clothes. Both women were made to parade naked in front of the men. They were then made to sit in a crouched position; their hands and legs were tied and attached to a pole which was then placed between two tables so they were left hanging. They were in this position for about 90 minutes and were pinched and beaten with a thick wire during that time.

The victims were threatened with further torture unless they signed a statement admitting they were members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the armed political group which for nearly two decades has been fighting for autonomy for the Tamil community living in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

Both women signed such statements.

Click here to read more

Click here to be taken to SBS

Gang Rape of Krishanthi Kumaraswamy by Sri Lanka security forces

Gang Rape of  Krishanthi Kumaraswamy by Sri Lanka security forces by Tamiya

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