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‘India did PR for Rajapaksa govt’

July 7, 2009

Express News Service : ‘India did PR for Rajapaksa govt’
5 July 2009

CHENNAI: Noted journalist Satya Sivaraman said India became just a public relations manager for the Sri Lanka’s Mahinda Rajapaksa government in their war against the LTTE.

Delivering a speech at a function on “What next in Sri Lanka”, he said instead of trying for a democratic solution for the ethnic crisis, India was protecting the Lankan government from the international community by whitewashing all the war crimes committed by that country.

He said India was directly involved in helping the Sri Lankan army along with nations such as Israel, Pakistan, and China. “But the Indian involvement were very secretive and would never come out,” he said.

The noted political commentator said India was trying to play up the China’s involvement “just to justify their action” in the island nation.

He said Indian government did not favour a separate Tamil Eelam in that country as “It feared that would have encouraged the sub-national groups demanding separate states in the country”.

Sivaraman said the political parties which were ruling at the Centre and the State were playing football game in the Sri Lankan ethnic issue, in which “the football was Lankan Tamils”.

K Balagopal, Human Rights Forum, Hyderabad, said the Rajapaksa government was taking it easy on the rehabilitation of the displaced Tamils. “They are in no hurry for it as they are in a victorious mode.

And they know well that there is nobody to put pressure on them,” he said.

Balagopal said there are serious doubts raised by the international community about the resettlement.

“Nobody is sure that whether they are going to be rehabilitated in their original habitats because most of the areas are given to International firms,” he said.

He said that the need of the hour was the democratisation of polity and not just the devolution of powers.

“Steps should be taken to ensure the ethnic communities, Tamils and Muslims, live with dignity, free of fear and with equal rights.”

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