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Tamil motions passed at Socialist Alliance conference, Victoria, Australia

July 11, 2009

Socialist Alliance Victorian State Conference – June 27, 2009
Tamil Resolutions

This Conference condemns the support given by successive Coalition and Labor governments to the Sri Lankan government for its repression of the Tamil people. Socialist Alliance pledges to work with the Tamil community to begin building a broad Tamil solidarity campaign.

The Victorian conference of Socialist Alliance calls on the Sri Lankan government to:
* release Tamils from detention and allow them to return to their lands and homes
* immediately halt plans to further change the population demographic in the north and east by transferring Sinhalese into the Tamil areas
* close down military bases in the north and east
* allow aid from the Tamil diaspora to be sent to the Tamil population without impediment from Sri Lankan authorities
* allow safe and unconditional access of overseas Tamils to Sri Lanka
* allow international aid groups and human rights monitors access to the Tamil regions
* allow immediate and unhindered media access to Tamil regions, including detention camps.
* allow a human rights tribunal to investigate acts of war crimes, disappearances and murder of both Tamils and Sinhala journalists.

This Conference condemns the detention of 3 Tamil doctors who were working in Vanni in Sri Lanka and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

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